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Perhaps, one of the most distinguishing and differentiating aspects of writeversity's business model is that it caters to students from all fields of study, from any part of the world, without any type of pre assumptions, bias, prejudices or discrimination, of least kind. This has indeed been the hallmark of writeversity's professed business policies and practices, since it first established online business operations, way back in year 2001.

Our Business Model entails and envisages all kinds of high quality thesis writings, dissertations, statistical data analysis and studies, conducted in line with our professed and practiced Code of Ethics, regulatory regimes and best industry practices. The countries we serve are best delineated, referred to, and contained below.

We are ever ready to cater to specialized and bespoke academic needs and requirements of students from any part of countries in the continents of Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, North America and South America. In other words, we are ready to serve clients from any part of the world.

Accredited writers working in global online platform:

Our strict and uncompromising HR Policies and Practices permit us only to recruit only professional and dedicated writers for our pool of writers, only natives of United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. This is in consonance with our rigorous policy that our writing performance standards demand work executed by accredited writers, only from recognized regions where English is taught, learned and communicated as First Language.

However, we serve students in each and every corner of the globe, irrespective of the class, field of study, or expected writing standards, and this is also true of our hiring and recruiting principles, policies and practices in each of the four countries comprising, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

We offer global writing service:

Our broad based approach to serving global student community stems from our strongly- rooted belief that we are a global academics-serving group, which has been created to serve greater academic and scholastic ambitions of global communities, in any part of world, even regions that are not familiar with English language. Our common thread is to offer the best we could, in terms of thesis/dissertations, or statistical data analyses projects. We believed that all students, irrespective of country of origin, do have the license to using our professional services and also sharing our success story. In the event we do differentiate between our valued clientele, this would be out of sync of our valued policies of creating and sustaining equal playing fields in our business, a policy that we have always cherished and upheld, since inception of our business and for which we do not make any kind of compromises, whatsoever, covert or overt.

Creating and sustaining equal playing fields:

The need for creating, sustaining and promoting equal playing fields is much more mission-critical in the domains of academic studies, impacting, over time, not only scholastic performance of student community members, but also, in the long run, for their very careers and life styles. By consistently upholding, promoting and sustaining solid and open door policies with regard to the countries we serve, we endeavor, to the maximum extent possible, to offer best of both worlds to our global student community members, in terms of excellent, standardized and consistent papers, and also reasonable time frames and sensible pricing mechanism, in line with best industry practices.

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