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How Discount Works? Any Coupon / Discount Code?

Our discount system is inbuilt and it works independently of any codes or coupon for the convenience of our customers. Our order form has a discount button and clicking the button in the order form will reduce your price by the discount applicable to you.

Self-propagating Discount Policies:

Our discount policies have been laid down after careful studies and research of our markets, customers and surrounding business environment in which we conduct global operations. Our inbuilt prices itself being competitive, reasonable and in line with best industry practices, providing additional price cuts to suit individual budgets is not in reality, our cup of tea.

Unethical price undercutting: While there are many other firms that offer bulk discount after hiking base prices, this is not consistent, or in agreement with our method of doing business. Offering bulk discounts, in our opinion and judgment, is another mode of price under cutting, an unethical practice to which we could hardly subscribe, let along endorse. Our Business Model has been edified on sound and sustainable set of business policies that does not permit leverage for large discounts after making major pricing hikes.

Discount to our New Customers: We do give handsome discounts to our esteemed first time customers as our approach to business is totally customer-focused, customer-friendly.

Discount to our returning customers: However, our business policies do offer room for providing attractive discounts to our regular and returning customers, who have placed specified number of orders per month. This has more to do with our appreciation for the trust and reliance placed on our company and the need to acknowledge this as token of appreciation to valued customers, more than underlying economic considerations.

Discount rate

Upto 100 USD 5%
101 USD to 300 USD 8%
301 USD to 600 USD 10%
601 USD to 1000 USD 15%
Above 1000 USD 20%

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