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Methodology is the explanation given to show what processes, equipment, or research materials were used to conduct the entire research. A methodology should therefore state in a clear way any of the research processes you will apply in the research. We have several methodologies that are generally applied in dissertation researches. We write the methodology in relation to the specific method of research we apply in any particular dissertation. Some of the dissertation methodologies include:
Lab tests – This applies mainly in the scientific research papers. Here we show the equipment used in the lab to carry out a tests. We also show the tests process as part of the literature review.

Equipment - In case a dissertation will use any equipment in the process of the research, we ensure to list such equipment as part of the dissertation methodology chapter.

Material - In dissertation paper writing, one reads through previous researches done in the same scope as the one they are writing on. In such a case, we write and list down any of the materials we used while writing the dissertation. This will ensure that we offer you non-plagiarized dissertation, since it is well referenced. Other materials that may be part of the dissertation research would be questionnaires and interviews. This will also be well stated in the methodology chapter if applied in the research.

Our methodologies also offer a since of direction of the dissertation, by pointing out what the intention of a certain methodology was. Showing what one seeks to achieve helps one to be able to flow chronologically in to the body of the dissertation

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