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    A Ph.D. thesis is written for achieving the highest degree by making use of a student's greatest capabilities. A sharp working brain along with good analytical thinking is necessary for doing research and for writing a thesis. Many efficient students do research well; but they are unable to write a good thesis. Writing is generally a tough task; academic writing is still tougher. For many doing research and writing a thesis can be a testing time in life. Some easy tips for writing a thesis are given below.

    • Use computer only for work while writing a thesis: Unlike the olden days of manual writing, the present day education scenario is sophisticated with much technological support. Researchers do not need to write theses using paper and pen today. They just have to have a computer using which the thesis can be typed out. Computer and information technology has many advantages; but it is not without disadvantages. Internet can both be a boon and a curse for researchers. It can be a distraction and the human tendency on the net is to wile time away. Therefore, a researcher has to make sure that the computer should be used only for research work during the tenure of a Ph.D.
    • Check email only after doing research work for some solid time: Internet is quite tempting a source for many people since it has umpteen sources of entertainment and fun. During the thesis writing period, a researcher must be strict on oneself. Finishing the thesis within the stipulated time should be the first priority. One should check emails only after doing thesis-related work for a considerable amount of time, say, at least two hours.
    • Work for 25 minutes at a time: It is known that we cannot work for long duration at a time. But when the situation demands we need to push ourselves to our limits. When you have a great task of writing a thesis, you should work intensely for 25 minutes at least. You may take a 5 minutes break afterwards. Five minutes appears to be a very short time; but one can refresh significantly in that duration. One can have a cup of tea; stretch the strained muscles and gather enough energy for the next slot of work. It is important to take advantage of the brain's natural attention span for work.
    • Get away from the computer when you are not working: One cannot help being a little tough on oneself during the crucial times in life. Writing a thesis is one such phase in a researcher's life. This is the time which must not be wasted on any silly things. A researcher either has to be working or not working at all. He should not just kill time sitting by the computer. He should make the optimum use of his energy and work. A short break can absolutely relax a tired soul.
    • Look after yourself well: Unless you take good care of your body you cannot work. Having nutritious food and taking adequate rest is part of life. Once the body is relaxed and fed, the mind will work in the most efficient manner.

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