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Managing the thesis writing process

A thesis is a written work which every researcher looks up to during research. A research program like Ph.D. includes coursework for a year followed by a longer period of time for research. During the initial period of coursework a researcher gets to learn the research methodology and field techniques for carrying out research. In the latter period the actual research like data collection and analysis takes place. Towards the end of the research program students are supposed to write the research document in the form of a thesis. Most students face some sort of difficulties while writing a thesis. The technology-centered world of today has made remarkable progress of late and it offers several online writing services for the sake of the student community the world over.

Many students have problems with starting the writing; many others have difficulty in sustaining their writing. Some others have the problem of writing a perfectly grammatical language. All these problems together make it impossible for students to write a thesis on their own. Due to the technological development students have multiple options to go about writing a thesis these days. They can either seek guidance from the professional writers online or they can get custom-written theses from the professional thesis writing services online. A good number of students seem to procrastinate writing for no valid reason. Therefore, some professional guidance is very much necessary in thesis writing. Thesis writing can be managed by students themselves. It is a difficult process; but definitely not impossible.

Practically a thesis does not become final at the first or second draft. There can be three different kinds of writing which are essential for thesis writing. They are the following-

1. Pre-draft writing: This is where a researcher writers for himself to clarify his ideas.

2. Drafting for an audience: For research students examiners are the audience. After writing the thesis the researcher needs to give lot of talks on the thesis. This writing can be the initial preparation along those lines.

3. Editing for clarity and elegance: This is essentially the embellishment of a preliminary draft and after this editing a thesis gets its final shape.

It is with repeated writing and editing that a student improves his writing skills. Academic writing is that kind of writing which needs clarity and perfection. Literature review is a major part in a thesis where the researcher should situate his research and indicate the gap in research which the concerned research tries to fill. Literature review is not an account of who said what; rather it must be a critical review of what has been said in the concerned field of study. A clear presentation of the existing literature which is closely related to the topic under discussion will make the thesis presentable and comprehensive. It is important that a researcher mentions how his research will add to the existing body of knowledge and how exactly he wants to contribute to the field.

A thesis should strictly follow the structure which is practiced in academics. It should have clearly segregated chapters, index, tables, charts, diagrams and appendix. There should be an exhaustive bibliography which should include both primary and secondary references. Foot notes and end notes must be provided wherever explanations are necessary. In other words, a thesis should be a dense writing about a particular research topic.

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