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Facts about pricing:

At, we offer the kind of pricing that is perhaps, unrivalled by industry equals. This is founded on our endearing and sound belief that our students should not be deprived of quality education, just due to economic reasons and we believe in offering only the best papers to our clients that their money could buy and which they could be truly proud to own.

Our pricing policies have been scaffolded after careful and meticulous research, based, not only on best industry practices, but also on demand-supply movements, affordability and most significantly, on securing cost benefits, cost effectiveness and value additions for our esteemed clients, customers and clientele along the educative continuum. This is also based on our core philosophy that if we are to do 100% justice to ourselves, we first need to provide 100% justice to all our esteemed clients and all those who place their trust, faith and resources on us and our competencies.

While in most cases of online writing, pricing is a dichotomy, it is not so in as much as our business is concerned, stemming not only from our clear-cut, transparent and easy-to-follow pricing mechanism, but also our pricing policies meet and surpass best online writing industry standards and ethics in highly competitive and price- sensitive market place .

Factors that determine pricing:

In the domains of online thesis and dissertation writings, there are indeed many variable factors that determine pricing, both at macro and micro levels. At our macro levels, best industry pricing practices, demand -supply balances, currency valuations, inflationary trends and competitive elements in the domain are reigning factors. However, keeping in view the lofty business ideals and policies that we rigorously follow unethical practices like undercutting and lowest quotes to gain business unethically are never part of our adhered business practices.

Further, at micro levels, the kind of paper, number of pages, paper levels and standards, time frames and quality, references required, etc. all form major aspects of pricing determinants. Like most online writing firms, we have inbuilt Pricing Calculator software that allow potential customers to know before hand, the exact price they would have to pay for their paper. This facilitates making necessary fine turning and adjustments in order to suit individual pricing budgets and resource allocations in individual papers.

Best industry pricing practices:

We at writeversity have robust company polices that forbid us from every overcharging or shortchanging customers, regardless of the kind of paper they need us to provide them. We are fully aware of the implications of price sensitive aspects of pricing policies and constantly endeavor to make our pricing practices accommodative, competitive and user- friendly, while not being cheap, tawdry and under rated.

Quality always has a price tag:

Indeed our quality standards and high values dictate that we need to offer the best only by maintaining pricing models earnestly and diligently. Since quality has a price, we do not deem it fit to compromise high quality to suit low budgets.

Discount Policy:

We maintain the highest standards and hallmarks of ethical business practices and do not hike prices to offer attractive discounts. We know that discerning clients can see right through this game and this could indeed be counter productive even for low cost papers. Besides, we do not feel it ethical to offer differential rates to our valued customers.

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