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Privacy Statement

Major Privacy Policies underpinning Business Conduct at Writeversity.Com

We, at, pursue robust privacy policies which are well harbored and integrated into our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethical Behavior. All customer data of private, personal and confidential nature are kept secret, and is only to be used by Authorized Company personnel for the carriage of their official duties and responsibilities, within prescribed limits. Thus, by extrapolation, unauthorized persons or Third Parties are not encouraged to either visit our client sites, or even be privy to confidential data of a private kind, the release of which could compromise client's rights to data confidentiality and non use for unintended purposes, not previously determined.

We are resolute not to permit misdemeanors, or unauthorized lax of rules by employees, without previous and prior permissions, compromise privacy, security and confidentiality of client data and unclouded their privacy needs.

As a matter of fact, we view such egress of private data as transgression of our Privacy Policy and enforce strict action and invoke transgression laws as deemed necessary and expedient to restore the situation in the best interests of our valued and esteemed clients and order bookers. This shall be executed in strict and inexorable methods in line with pre determined Company policies and regulatory regime that surrounds our business policies, processes and practices.

Third Parties' enforcement:

Besides, Third Parties who become privy to confidential client data and information are under implicit oath and allegiance to keep the nature and extent of all such information private and confidential, not discloseable to any other party, interests or source, and to use the said data only for the pre determined specified purposes, acts or motives.

The above is without prejudice to the unrequited privilege of to disclose such kinds of data about clients, to the extent permissible by law, in order to enforce and sustain site policies, during the course of legal proceedings or deliberations, or possible legal proceedings, or during the course of its intentions to enforce, perpetrate, or provide defense for enforcement of legal rights, privileges and responsibilities under current law in operation in this state, or others as may be applicable or amended, from time to time.

Disclosure of private data:

Characteristically, whenever potential clients wishes to engage in business transaction with, it is obligatory on their parts to provide data like name, email address, mail address, contact phone numbers, credit card details, website particulars and so on. Disclosure of such classified data, per se, does not incriminate clients in any way and the data can be treated as private and used in the ordinary course of business in this site. Authorities at this website treat all client data as strictly confidential and used only for intended, and pre determined purposes. Clients, by virtue of their discretionary powers, are free to unsubscribe for receiving notifications of any kind by following necessary procedures for termination of subscriptions.

Highest Possible gold standards and benchmarks for Client Privacy:

At, we follow Gold Standards for perpetration of sound client privacy laws, and shall never deem it necessary to compromise it, except for certain unforeseen and law abiding reasons, and that too, with prior permission and consent of client to such disclosures. We stand committed to uphold the highest Gold Standards of Online Data Security and shall take maximum pains to protect and secure them, except when required under law to make legally valid disclosures.

Secure Socket Layered:

All client data and secretive disclosures are duly and doubly protected by SSL and double encryption technology. Credit care data are rarely stored in our data bases.

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