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Commitments to Students

Strategic partnerships with clients:

The success of business model propagated by owes a great deal to our steadfast, unwavering and total commitment to the cause of our students and this has largely been in terms of taking efforts in ensuring top quality and non plagiarized thesis, dissertation and statistical data resources within time and resource constraints. Our commitment to students is evident from the large, growing number of registered users, our dollar revenues over time, our retinue of ever ready writers and our low rejection rates. Besides this, we have been able to grow and develop our business through strategic partnerships and alliances in many parts of the world, especially developed economies. Besides, we are also in hot pursuit of perpetuating our business model even in developing countries in Asian destinations to serve growing demands for our business in these destinations also. It must be remembered that all these positive and harmonious activities are carried amidst escalating completion, entry of new, stronger online players, demand supply imbalances, and greater legal restraints in our business, both externally and internally.

Commitment translates into decisive, student-focused actions:

The main threats in our business has been from low cost, low quality competitors who undercut prices, not to provide quality papers themselves, but only to create disintegration in our markets and in the online writing industry. Since our business is dependent on pricing factors, their unethical strategies may work only in the short term. Clients would be quick to differentiate such shady operators from genuine, established player like and initiate concerted efforts to drive away such unethical and damaging players from the market on permanent basis. The actions of few unscrupulous operators cannot tarnish the image of genuine and student- focused companies like our own who have worked many years to build and sustain their business reputation and market standing in these hyper sensitive divisive markets, conspicuous by the absence of consensus or unified efforts to build the industry. Again, it has been our abiding faith in our students, clients and stakeholders that have seen us see through testing times, with renewed vim, vigor and vitality that is so necessary and critical in this business/industry.

High Quality Guaranteed

We know what dissertation means to you. We have been where you are before and understand what you go to through, the investment you have made and your determination to complete your Masters or PhD. Our experts have been trained to put client's interest forward. Quality delivery is what defines our mission. We ensure that all dissertations are written according to the requirements laid down in the university policy. The writing style matches your academic level. Your instructions are followed to the letter and any amendments you request are handled professionally to ensure nothing is left out. We have highly qualified editors who examine all papers completed by our experts to ensure no deviation from original instructions or omissions. Before the paper is released to the client, we ensure that it is well checked for grammar, plagiarism, and adherence to customer requirements.

Timely delivery of services

Time is very crucial in dissertation writing. It is our commitment to ensure that every section of the dissertation is submitted as required. We ensure all papers are delivered before the stipulated deadline to give you enough time to go through our work and raise any issue that you may point out. To avoid time wastage in revisions, we ensure all our experts follow instructions strictly. We give divide the time you give us in three sections: Writing time that is give substantial number of hours, editing time which depends on the length of the paper and the number of mistakes pointed out by our editors, and your review time where we request you to go through the paper and lets us know if you are satisfied. All revisions you request are attended to promptly. We believe work not completed on time is work not satisfactorily completed. We bear liability of all papers not submitted on time. As a result, we ensure that no work is submitted past the deadline.

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