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A thesis abstract is mainly a very close resemblance of the entire thesis itself, although in a short format. The abstract will condense the entire thesis and present it in highlighted form, not giving out the entire information.

Writing a thesis abstract is a very major challenge to student, since it's hard to notice when the information is too much. Most time, and due to the thin line between the abstract and the main thesis, students end up having two theses.

While writing the thesis abstract chapter, we take care not to give out all the information on the thesis in this chapter. We write abstracts in to short but coherent and condensed paragraphs, them further explain them in the thesis.

An abstract has the same format as the entire thesis, which contains of the introduction, body and bibliography. Our abstracts will have a title page with the thesis title on it. Our writer will help you guide the reader on what the thesis is about, through the abstract. We write and tackle the "why"? Question in the abstract, showing the necessity of the thesis. Our abstracts will also help the reader in understand the "how' question, explaining the methodologies you applied in the thesis research.

The thesis abstract will also show a highlight of the results you came up with, showing which in turn proves the formulated hypothesis. Finally, we come up with recommendations, which seek to improve or suggest how the situation can be improved. While writing recommendations, we always ensure to apply the open end method, in that we write this as recommendations but not final solution.

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