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Largely methodology or the research methods will be used to convince a supervisor on the methods of research you applied to come up with the thesis and prove it.

Methodology is, therefore an extensive explanation and listing of any research process and materials applied in the thesis researching. Mainly, writing the methodology of a thesis proves hard for students, especially due to lack of proper referencing of borrowed materials. In writing methodologies, we help students in writing about:

Lab tests - this is mainly applied in scientific paper thesis. We help you write any laboratory tests carried out in a step by step manner, and ensure to show the final results.

Analysis - carrying out analysis is part of any thesis research. Our writers come up with analysis methodologies, in areas such as sampling, interviews and even questionnaires. After such analysis, we assist our clients write the analysis methods, and the results obtained by such analysis.

Books and journals - thesis writing usually involve extensive reading on former researches done earlier. This helps one build up on their personal thesis. We assist in quoting and citing such information and sources as part of the methodologies.

Citation is also a very vital part of methodologies. Citation and referencing is quoting of borrowed information in the thesis. Our highly qualified writers are able to apply any instructed citation methods, for example MLA, APA or even Chicago. These methods require a certain order of quoting the author or book pages.

Being very familiar with writing thesis, our writers offer customized methodologies designed to meet the need of your thesis.

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