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Tips for writing a thesis fast

A thesis is the most important document and piece of writing in a researcher's life. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work along with knowledge of the field of study. Most of the researchers find it hard to write a thesis. They either face a writer's block or run short of time after their research work is done since a research program like a Ph.D. is time-bound. Some important tips for writing a thesis fast are listed below.

Decide when to start: If you are a researcher, you have to decide when you want to stop research work and start writing thethesis. You have to set a date for starting it and also a timeframe for finishing the writing part. It is hard to finish everything on one's to-do list by the date, but the most important things should be finished by the last date.

Decide when to stop: A researcher must set his own thesis completion date. He has to put in his best effort to finish it by that date. In cases where he cannot, he should know that the reasons are genuine. Only due to genuine and unavoidable reasons it could delay. But one should be very strict on oneself while writing the thesis and try hard to finish writing it by the last date itself.

Set deadlines for each chapter: A researcher has to have ideas on what each of his chapters should include. It is essential to set a deadline for writing each chapter. If one becomes a little lenient on the timeframe; the thesis unnecessarily gets prolonged. This time frame can be discussed with one's supervisor so that supervisor helps the student in fixing the time and knows when to expect a chapter.

Set targets for each day: Setting easy targets for each day helps a lot in getting the writing process going. Everyday a researcher must do a tiny bit of the thesis to make sure that he is not stuck. An easy target like writing 500 words a day will also be good enough provided the researcher sticks to it. One could hang a board displaying the word count he has finished every day. The visual record of one's progress will be a good inspiration to push oneself a little further.

Create a comfortable environment: It is very important to have a comfortable, distraction-free environment to write a thesis. If you can work from home, it will be the best choice. It is better to work on a computer without internet connection as far as possible. Chat and other email notifications are potential distractions. Utmost concentration and focus is required to write a high-impact thesis. The monitor should be kept at the eye-level in order to save oneself from neck and back pain. It is extremely important to work without much physical strain.

A Ph.D. is perhaps the toughest academic program which only the highly ambitious and extremely hardworking and dedicated students can attempt. The long research document should be error-free to the maximum extent possible. A researcher does need to slog out to write a good thesis which invites huge appreciation in the academic circle.

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